Hello and  Welcome! We are Netfinium Productions. 
 This web page is made for our new documentary film project. In the coming 12 months we are going to work  hard with our professional team to produce a high quality, international, English spoken documentary movie, called:

” The Architect of Bitcoin”

Documentary movie project


This documentary film is a tribute for Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy but also to his team. Our movie is observing the moments of vision, the building process, feelings and thoughts when this historical block chain structure was created. We are also looking for the outcome, how the rest of the world took this new invention, and how it is today able to change the old economical structures. Cryptocurrencies and the block chain technology has been a source and a strong influence for many new inventions and ideas. This has been rising many new kind of industries and businesses.

We are going to interview many individuals who were behind the original blockchain technology and have been in close contact with the development of this industry. We want to find the answers from the governmental and legal perspective, to see what they have to say about the Satoshi Nakamoto and his mastermind invention.

Today, we don’t know where exactly our journey will lead us. The script and the structure of this movie will find it’s own form, and we ride along. We want to find the missing pieces to many puzzles. Our greater intention is to bring out a movie, which can keep the audience in tight hold and excited, till the very last moment. The knowledge of this character and his legacy, is rising a big curiosity for many people. 

We want to deliver our audience, a clear and understandable picture of the events from of 2006 to 2011. We are looking at this blockchain legacy from the many angles and perspectives. What does this industry mean today and what it can bring for us tomorrow? There has been  many new discoveries and variations on how to benefit this simple artificial intelligence form in many other industries than just cryptocurrencies. In fact, we believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s true legacy lays in the future.

Our whole team is very excited about this movie project. We commit to work with passion. We want to make this movie as our master piece!


In the ancient Greek language, the word ”Architect” had a meaning, ”The master builder”...


Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


The topic of our documentary movie is to tell a story about the mysterious ”Satoshi Nakamoto”, and the people, who were in his team and  connected to this mastermind. The  real identity of this person has been able to stay hidden. No one admits to know who was behind this japanese-origin pseudonyme. During the years, many people has been trying to discover his secret identity, but even over a decade  has  now passed and we still don’t know yet much about this person. Not the age, nationality …or even a gender. All we know for sure, is what he accomplished with his team.

Satoshi Nakamoto, brought a revolutionary vision out to the world. He had been making a program which could create the alternative option for the world wide monetary system. It wasn’t just a vision or a theory, but most importantly, he also had a plan!  His ideological vision was very bold. He managed to gather a group of skillful programmers and lead them step by step, according to his plan.  

 Satoshi was often questioned even by his own team, but he was well prepared and had all the answers figured out. This project was made in the open source environment, where anyone who had the skills, can aid for the cause. Many people all around the world, were working hard, day and night, for this project. Their only reward depending on the final outcome.

Satoshi was the architect and the brains of this operation. 


He must have had his vision probably for years. After he wrote the original core of the program, his vision truly came alive. Together with his team, they continued to develop this newborn body of the program. Months later it was ready and released. The world´s first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin was born!


Our goal is to show a profiled picture of Satoshi Nakamoto and dive in to his original vision. We want to be able to fill the timeline from the moment when this alias was created, till the last moments when we heard about this character. We also want to hear opinions of this faceless leader, from his own closest team members. Naturally we are also willing to find out, what might been happening to this mythic character.

By the Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision, the Bitcoin was created to defend people against the wrong type of power structures


Cryptocurrencies could be the alternative choice for the regular FIAT -monetary systems, but the certain elements that control our money and everything we own today, are strictly against this kind of ”alternative choice”. The biggest public fear from Goverment’s side, is that people use cryptocurrencies for a tax evasion. Are they worried of people don’t obey the law, or is it just a fear of losing tax money?  No matter what is the bottom of this reason, the central banks are silently trying to fight against this legacy. By using loud politicians, they try to bring up the new laws against, and various medias to build a non attractive pictures of the cryptocurrencies.

However, recently has been surfacing up some information about the instability in the regular monetary systems. Some claim that the world is artificially kept for not facing the world wide crash. This means that hundreds of billions of dollars are created by bending the rules. Cryptocurrencies may have a big role in the future, for determine the value of the world´s currencies. People wish to fully control of what they own, but the goverment’s are controlling the people. Can goverments and people both, control the money at same time?

All the cryptocurrencies have a nature to protect it’s owners security and privacy. There is no demand for the identified accounts to use them. All kind of money can be used for the good and the bad. Currencies itself don’t choose any sides. Cryptocurrencies serve and protect everybody’s identity and assets equal way.  We want to bring out these sides for our audience, to show how the cryptocurrencies have been used in both ways.