Funding program

By sponsoring The Architect of Bitcoin- movie production, you will earn your share of this movie's future revenue

Sponsoring pool program

  • This movie project is funded with a Sponsoring pool program.
  • The Sponsoring pool is formed from the 500 sponsoring pool shares.
  • Each full shares entitles for the 1/500 part of the future income, gathered in to this sponsoring pool.
  • The actual pool sharing period is 5 years after this movie is made.
  • This movie’s production time is estimated to be about 12 months.
  • The movie rights will be sold to various companies around the world.
  • 50% of the income, produced by this movie, will be shared through the sponsoring pool, to it’s share holders.

Main details of the Sponsoring Pool

  • The Architect of Bitcoin – movie project, is funded with 500 sponsored shares
  • All shares together are forming a sponsoring share pool (sponsoring pool)
  • 50 % of the revenue, produced by this movie, will be directed to sponsoring pool, and shared for the sponsoring share holders.
  • The movie will be released and distributed all over the world, possibly for various movie theaters, media companies and the streaming service companies.
  • After the 6 months from this movie release, the revenue gathered to pool, will be delivered first time to sponsoring shares holders. After the first sharing, pool will be shared every 3 months, all together 5 years time.
  • 2.4.2020 Sponsoring pool shares has been split x 2 to total amount of 500 sponsoring pool shares.

Sponsoring pool shares

Producer sponsor (main sponsors)


  • min. 40 x  full sponsoring pool shares      
  • Accepted only by the invitation
  • Max 4 main sponsors

Extra benefits for main sponsors:



  • Own producer logo, the animation before the actual movie begins ( max. 7 sec.)
  • Possibility for your company’s introduction and interview, included in the movie.
  • Minimum, 40 shares of the sponsoring pool
  • More detailed information of the movie’s production

Support shares!

38 € / 43 US$

Support shares are meant for showing your support to our documentary movie project, but also a chance to create a passive supportive income stream for some good cause. These shares are created from the original Sponsoring pool full shares, but divided to 100 smaller fractions. 

  With these shares you can aim your future revenue to someone or you can target it for the good cause. Anything or anyone you wish  to support. Support shares can be given as a gift to ones you care or showing your support to make good in the world. You may also suggest us and other support shares members, the cause you find important and wish us all to support together! 

  … naturally, you can target your support shares also to yourself. These shares are behaving the same way than any other sponsoring pool shares. With these shares you will have a full control, to who will be the beneficiary for your shares in each particular sponsoring pool sharing, during the 5 years time.

Thank you for sponsoring our movie production! We appreciate your support greatly.   We want to express our gratitude,  also by adding our sponsors names in to the movies  end roller, if you allow it.

To participate in to the Sponsoring pool program, 1. Start by clicking the payment method /currency of your choice.  2. Follow the instructions given to you by the payment/currency, you have chosen. In both payment methods, so we can avoid any confusion, remember to send us an e-mail with details:  Your name, the amount / type of shares you have sponsored and the confirmation of your payment.

You may sponsor the sponsoring pool shares with these two payment methods:

Bank transfer


After we have confirmed your sponsoring payment, we will contact you by e-mail. Later, you will have the access to platform where you find all your sponsored shares. We will also send you the official certificate of sponsoring, to proof of participating to sponsoring pool program. All sponsors will be  informed monthly about the progress of this movie project.

Sponsoring pool program rules

The Architect of Bitcoin documentary project’s funding program, aka Sponsoring pool program. The program description and rules.


Sponsoring pool program is consisting of 500 full shares. These shares are together forming a revenue pool. When program begins, all sponsoring members may request any amount of shares they wish, until the all 500 full shares are sponsored. Netfinum Productions will benefit these funds with the best kind of ways to aid this documentary movie production.

After this movie is made, the movie right’s will be sold or rented, for various movie theaters, media and the streaming service companies. Also other type of income sources may appear, and all of these will be counted for the benefit of the Sponsoring pool, and it´s share holders.

The pool income is gathered from the 50% of the any revenue, produced by the sales, performing and renting the right’s of this movie.

Every sponsoring pool participants, may sponsor shares, until all shares are sponsored(”sold out”). Our primary intention is not to increase the total amount of the sponsoring pool shares. Sponsoring pool share amount will be increased only if we haven´t able to publicly announce on our website, that all shares are sponsored. Maximum amount of increasing the shares is total amount of shares to 600, meaning 100 shares more. These shares are accepted for sponsoring by the order of requests and proof of verified transaction.

When we receive the confirmation of payment, we will notify a sponsor with email. All sponsors who qualify with their payment, may request a printable agreement and the official certificate to prove their share/ shares ownership. We may send your certificate by the regular mail service, or e-mail. There will be also online download option, later.

(These rules has been edited, by splitting shares x 2.(2.4.2020)  Sponsoring pool shares total amount has been increased to 500. Because of this action, the sponsoring pool price table has been renewed, and the new sponsoring prices are now halved as well.)

Payment methods

When funding the sponsoring pool shares, there are two (2) possible options for the payment:  a regular bank transfer, and in crypto currency Bitcoins. Sponsors may choose their payment method for how they wish to fund their sponsoring. Sponsors will receive the instructions for the selected choice of payment, after clicking the chosen payment method. We are not held responsible, if any extra fees occur in transactions by a third party member, such as bank´s own fees.

We demand that all of the money or assets used for sponsoring has been acquired by the legal way.

Opportunity and the risk

In any case we don´t or can´t promise any profit percentages. This is mainly a funding program by sponsoring. When it comes to your sponsored assets, there is always a risk, and possibility of not profiting or in worst case losing your assets. Our best interest is to make this program very profitable for every sponsor, but we can not guarantee any profits, for your assets.

Time table of the program

Sponsoring pool program will start in 18.11.2019 and ends in 31.12.2025. After all of the shares are sponsored (sold out), the sponsoring option closes,. The movie production officially starts in 1.1.2020 and is estimated to last for 12-14 months. First sharing of the pool, will be in June 2021, and from that point forward, the revenue gathered to pool, will be shared to sponsors, every 3 month’s. The Final sharing of this sponsoring pool has planned to be in 31.12.2025.

Worst case scenario

In case of this documentary project will be cancelled, for some reason, for example because of the severe accident or very bad injury of the vital member in production group, assets stolen, un-repairable material damage ..etc, we will not held responsible to return sponsored assets.  However in this kind of case we are going to share remaining sponsored assets through the Sponsoring pool, to sponsoring pool share holders, after 3 months of cancellation of the program.

Legal disputes

In any legal conflict or disagreements, will be obeyed, followed and settled by the jurisdiction of the law of Finland.

These rules are re-written in Tampere 2.4.2020
by Toni-Mikko Leppänen

Any questions about this movie production, or the sponsoring pool program? You may send us  e-mail to: