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Our Story

The Architect of Bitcoin -project was born in 2019 from the idea of making a more deeper research about the crypto industry. Specially the origin of the story, the ideology and the reason for, how and why this industry has been born, and what was the driving need.

The Architect of Bitcoin -project founder, Toni-Mikko Leppanen, was only vaguely aware of this mysterious story, but more he was studying and learning about it, specially about this mysterious main character, there was a constant hunger to know more about him. A lot of information about the Satoshi Nakamoto, is out there, but it is scattered all around the internet, in to many truth’s. He got the idea of using all of the material in hand, the white paper, known correspondance from the Satoshi by emails, all of the Satoshi’s postings, and the stories from those who were in close contact with this character. All of this, to create a profile and learn about the nature of the alias.

Our main intention is not to find out who Satoshi really is, but we want to learn to know more about this character by profiling him.. We find this whole story so facinating that we decided to make a movie about it. The origin story is, by the script written so far, naturally very important part, but not the whole story of the crypto industry and it’s other heros. The movie will be opening a much wider perspective of the crypto scene. This project, including the already started production, had to place on hold in early 2020, after the COVID outbreak was spreading all around the world. This is the new beginning.


Toni-Mikko Leppanen

Founder of THE.ARCHiTECT of Bitcoin

The Architect of Bitcoin

Documentary Based Movie

The main idea of this project has been, to produce a documentary based movie. This facianating story is about the expert programmer and the individuals from the underground unity, and their rebellious dream which was starting like as a science fiction, but after a decade or two, the technology was ready to make it reality.

” … it was finally possible to build. The computer technology were been evolving, and online connections were faster than before. A lot of highly educated programmers , world wide, who would understand this new blockchain technology. The open source enviromnent! All of these elements together, made this vision possible to be made and to become alive. First spark of this vision and dream, was known to be born around ’90s., but it had to wait. The computer science and technology were not ready yet. The main idea was to create a system. The alternative choice, private and outside of the, perhaps wrong kind of global power structures, the institutions and individuals who were holding the ownership for the money … and for our lives. “People should able to control their own personal privacy!” … “People should have a true ownership!” … Sometimes somebody raised their voice and said something like this a loud. A lot of people were agreeing and perhaps nodding as acceptance, but after the inspiring words and a brief moment, they all continued their lives, like they always had, without the needed action. There was already this rebellious will and the vision back in the early 90’s, the real question was still, How? Technology was not yet having those needed qualities, and everything was dependable on the future. As we know today, after more than a decade of inventions, developement and evolving of the information technology, it was also making this blockchain system, possible to build and maintain.

One of our big reasons for making this movie, is to offer a better knowledge, and perhaps inspire new people for innovations for this industry. As we know, the crypto world is all about the highly advanced new technology, such as smarter and more beneficial use of artificial intelligence, but the whole industry is still only learning to walk. We are still using this genious technology as our food delivery boy, when the true intelligence of this technology, is close to equal with the rocket scientist. Not claiming that delivery boy can’t be smart, but we are lacking to reveal it’s true potential. Today, unfortunately a lot of people only knowledge about the crypto industry, is a word “bitcoin”.

One big reason to tell this story, is to educate our viewers for knowing this history. We want to offer also a better understanding, what is the blockchain industry. Our intention is to bring up also the other key figures of this Satoshi’s core team. We want to hear their thoughts, and how they remember those times. How they would describe their mysterious leader of the project. From their correspondance, you can sense sometimes a bit mixed feelings with project line. We want to make our interview, so they can tell everything by their own words. Our story does not end for the born of Bitcoin. This was with out a doubt, the most important time of event in the history of crypto industry, but there is many other very interesting moments and events happend later. Crypto industry has been evolving since the time of first generation of blockchain to many generations forward.

We begin our story from the dreams and visions.

” These were all just ideologies and dreams, until something made him … or her, to surface. At first, this person was all alone. Perhaps dissapointed enough to make a decision, and make the change. “Satoshi Nakamoto”. This is all what is known about this persons identity. The unknown legendary character, the “Architect ” of this bold idea and the project…”

” the vision and perhaps some kind of revenge was burning up in his mind. We may sense the bitter sweet taste of the cause. He was leading everybody to focus on the vision, and used his plan to hide his own agenda. Not all too well though, but his driven but a calm power of will was only inspiring the others. We believe that Satoshi was having also previous leading experience. His method of holding the control, was a smart psychological leadership, where he was a straight forward in his decisions, but never step on a pedestal over the vision and a cause. Most of the times, his character was calm and patienced…”

“… the group was joining volunteerly, and there was no guaranteed promises of any reward. Most of them had already a reputation as a world wide known high class programmers, and professionals. Their professional reputation often made them challenging their faceless “sensei” and also the vision itself. We can profile Satoshi, probably the best way, by how he was responding to these various questions and challenges. He was managing to keep the core group together, and leading them by the plan. This might not been easy job, because his only weapons to keep the things in order was words. They all knew that only reason for the hard work and sleepless nights, was the final outcome. The first ever known fully functional crypto currency blockchain, and it’s own native crypto currency – The Bitcoin…”

Our plan is to produce a high quality, international documentary movie. We want to make nothing but the best. Our goal is to make a world wide known, famous documentary movie, but we want to make this not only for information based, but also as entertaining as it is interesting. Preliminary goal for the length is 90 minutes, but the fact is, that there is so many interesting features and facts to tell, so we may end up producing a series. First production, the actual movie, will be the full 90 minutes.

This movie will made by the documentary -movie industry professionals. We have made a preliminary negotiations so far, with the one well known documentary movie production company, but the final decision and the contract, will be made after the token release and token sales has started. Tokens are acting a main role in our funding.

We have been scouting up some characters as for our story tellers and a narrators. We have also been contacting few possible persons, who could be conducting our interviews. Even we don’t reveal the names yet, all of our narrators, script writers and interviewers, will be the native english speakers. This movie will be filmed in various locations and countries. Our estimated production time line is about 2 years, but we need to prepare for being flexible on this schedule, specially in todays situation, in order to keep everybody in the crew and also other participants healthy.


The.Architect -token is a crypto currency, deployed in to Binance Smart Chain. After we have officially launched this token, the Initial price will be 5 cents (US), but eventually the markets and the token holders, will be determaining the value of this token. The.Architect -token will be listed at first, in one of the Binance Smart Chain build swap platforms.

This token is a heart and soul for our funding and support. Token is also a key to be the owner (100%) of this movie, entitled to 40% of the product sales profit, and also the voting partner in our future projects. We allow this opportunity now to everybody, rather than seeking for only a certain sector investors.


Token Logo & Brand(s)

Branding our token logo image(TM) for supporting products, is our way to create profit for our token holders, even before the actual movie is produced. This way we can deliver more value for our token, and also the income source for our token holders. Normally, any movie investing or supporting has been creating value only after the movie is sold. 40% of all product sales profit, is added to the smart contract pool, and will be shared to token holders periodically. More details about profit sharing will be announced, after this program has launched.

Example on how we can ad our token logo in to the products and branding it as a label.

Brand will have two different options to choose from. Do you want to wear


“Hight Tech”




“Hacker Tag”


Smart Contract Program

The basic idea of the smart contract program, is the profit share for everybody, and the equal opportunity to make profit with us. Smart contract is meaning a program build inside the blockchain. There is no human involved, and it is a robotic AI program. Smart contracts are executing the given orders continuesly, and the basic idea is, that these programs can not be changed after they are build and verified. Our smart contract will be sharing all of the profits gathered in to the profit pool. Before our movie is producing the actual sales and distribution profit, you can earn from our brand and product sales.

Because of the nature of open source, the smart contract will know, how many The.Architect -tokens you are having in your crypto wallet, when your are connecting to this program. Even Satoshi was worried about “double spending”, and so are we. However we have a plan how to execute the perioidical smart contract profit sharing, without this problem. It is not decided yet, but most likely our smart contract will share profits from the profit pool, once in a month. This is continuous cycle, which means that every time there is something to share, even after 10 years, this program will empty the pool and sharing all the profits evenly, to token holders. Profits will be shared in BNB crypto currency.

Smart Contract Profit Share

Movie Profit: 100%

Product Sales Profit: 40%


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